Cameron Wigmore, Green Party Member: January 2006

January 31, 2006

Introduction and Bio

Cameron Wigmore was raised in Victoria, British Columbia. His earliest memories include listening to his father's jazz records and falling asleep on the pillow in his father's bass drum. The green lifestyle of the west coast had great influence on Cameron, inspiring him to commute as a cyclist, which is a lifestyle choice that has continued to this day. Cameron fell in love with the saxophone at the age of twelve, and his tenacity and determination led him to advanced placement in the music performance and composition program at Humber College in Toronto at the age of seventeen. After three years of studying, performing and recording in Toronto, Cameron pursued a professional career in music performance and teaching.

After moving to Drumheller in 2000, Cameron began taking an active role in the community. It was then that he grew a great deal spiritually, making a commitment to live with compassion, tolerance and open-mindedness. A married man, he and his wife Jennifer are enjoying raising their young boy. Seeing the opportunity to start their own business, Cameron and Jennifer recently started a company creating and selling scientific posters to museums worldwide. He currently lives in Drumheller, Alberta, working as a gallery interpreter at a museum and playing in a rhythm & blues band.

Cameron Wigmore believes that our earth is our inheritance; that we are wise to live lightly, with the hope that we can leave the planet in a state that is as good as when we arrived. He finds value in the act of looking for similarities in people, rather than the differences. This has led him to respect all people as equals. He thinks that seeking an understanding of each other is worth our effort because we can more easily find peaceful solutions to our disagreements. In our communities and the world as a whole it is not only a right to stay informed, but a duty as well. Everybody is uniquely different and deserves a chance to express their thoughts and opinions. These beliefs led Cameron to the style of grassroots democracy that the Green Party represents.

Cameron Wigmore
CEO, Crowfoot Electoral Dist Assoc
Crowfoot candidate, '06 federal election
Green Party of Canada

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