Cameron Wigmore, Green Party Member: July 2006

July 7, 2006

More info on council & leadership candidates

I've provided for you some links to the many sites I am aware of that have further information about the Green Party leadership and council candidates. During the last federal election we urged Canadians to make an informed vote, and I believe this applies to Green Party members voting for candidates during internal elections as well. I strongly recommend visiting all of the sites listed below. I will not offer any suggestions on who to vote for as we all should be able to come to a descision through our own research.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

For information on the leadership race and candidates go to:
For information on council contestants go to:
As Green Party members we can sign up for an account on the members site where there is currently a wealth of information on what's happening in the Green Party right now. Call the national office at: 1-866-868-3447 or email webadmin - at - to request a user name/account on this site.

Answers to a survey for council members are at the link below. There are some informative answers from candidates regarding the proposed constitution we're voting on. This is a very important vote. I gave my answers to all questions a lot of thought and I'd love to hear some feedback on them.

A number of council candidates:
More council candidates:
Some candidate websites and weblogs, most of whom have links to these also on their bios at the Green Party website.

Lastly, a forum where discussion with & about candidates is taking place:

July 6, 2006

Provincial Leader's Endorsement for Cameron Wigmore

I'm proud to say that I have the support of Alberta's Provincial Leader!
Below is his letter of endorsement.

Cameron Wigmore for Alberta provincial Rep

I do not know how many of you are taking an active look at the Green Party of Canada federal council race but I beleive that Cameron Wigmore would be a really great Federal Council Rep for Alberta.

In the short while that Cameron has been with the Green Party he has run as a federal candidate. He has organized in his local community. In my recent tour through the province the second largest showing of people after Edmonton was organized by Cameron in Drumheller. I believe that if a person can build support outside an election they have the makings of a great organizer.

I have heard from people as far away as Victoria that Cameron has been one of the voices of reason on the federal list serves and that he has worked diligently to improve the party. We need people who can handle e-mail and list serves well if they are going to be on Federal Council. The fact that Cameron is already known for being a voice of reason on the list serves is a strong endorsement to me.

Cameron lives in Drumheller with his wife. He only works part time so he has alot of time to devote to the Green Party. He is living outside of the two major centers of Calgary and Edmonton and I beleive that if we are going to expand the Green Party in Alberta we have to start including people for other areas.

I hope that you will be willing to support Cameron in the vote for Alberta Council representative coming up.

Thank you

George Read
Leader, Green Party of Alberta
Campaign Manager Green Party of Canada