Cameron Wigmore, Green Party Member: We've Been Elected!

August 29, 2006

We've Been Elected!

No, not elected to parliament ...not yet anyway... ;-)

This picture of Elizabeth & myself was taken at the afterparty at her beautiful and funky heritage house. She had a Celtic band performing, organic nachos to munch on and many, many friends and suporters there to celebrate her being elected as the new leader of the Green Party.

I have been elected to federal council as the Alberta Provincial Representative. The full council is as follows:

Melanie Ransom, Party Chair; Andrea Caufield, Administration Chair; Kathryn Holloway, Chief Agent; Christopher Ian Bennet, Communications Chair; Amélie Gingras, Francophone Secretary; Angela Reid, Fundraising Chair; Silvaine Zimmerman, International Secretary; Steve Kisby, Membership Chair; Doug Anderson, Organizing Chair; Becky Smit, Party Secretary; Jean Francois Pinel, Treasurer.

Provincial /Territorial Reps: Cameron Wigmore, Alberta; Ben West, British Columbia;
Kate Storey, Manitoba; Erik Millett, New Brunswick; Fiona Roe, Newfoundland and Labrador; Thomas Trappenberg, Nova Scotia; William Gawor, Nunavut; Alexa Pitoulis, NWT; Lori Gadzala, Ontario; Jeremy Stiles, Prince Edward Island; Almaz Aladas, Quebec; Amber Jones, Saskatchewan; Gregory Heming, Yukon.

The new constitution was also voted in, and council will now be organizing according to it. Many policy resolutions were workshopped and will be mailed out to the membership across Canada for final vote. The conference was very well organized and fully covered by all of the major media.


Devon Rowcliffe said...
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Cameron W said...

I think it's a nice photo. It even showcases her doll collection in the background. I removed the redeye but otherwise it's been left untouched by photoshop.

This photo was taken at the end of a long day at the convention, right when dozens of people were arriving at her house. A short time later she excused herself to give a live interview with CBC. I must mention that she is an amazingly gracious and energetic host. You should have seen her!

If there are any other convention photos out there that people are willing to share please send them to me. I can photoshop them for flyers and other campaign & promotional purposes.

Chris Tindal said...

Congratulations Cameron! You're a great part of a very exciting team. I can't wait to see what unfolds over the next few months.

Cameron W said...

Thanks Chris, and thanks to you as well Devon (I forgot to say thank you in my first reply;-).

MrsETaylor said...

Cameron, May you have a strong voice, the wisdom to do great things and the knowledge to always listen to society and their needs. I know you will make Alberta proud. Congratulations from another Albertan *hug*

Cameron W said...

Thank you very much. Listening will be key to our success on council.

Brian C said...

Congrats, I grew up in Strathmore. Alberta has a unique blend of economic prosperity and infrastructure investment shortages. It will be tough to represent the growth issues in Fort McMurray and the water problems in southern Alberta.

Cameron W said...

Thanks Brian. Last election I was contacted by a number of people in Strathmore asking for lawnsigns and literature. There is a lot of interest in the Greens there.

I agree with you that Alberta is unique, and also that it will be tough to share our solutions to growth issues and water problems with Albertans. We do have solutions though, and getting our message out just got easier with Elizabeth May as spokesperson/leader. Albertans are listening to us because they know the current system isn't working, and the current government isn't fixing it.

Thanks for the note Brian. If you have any other comments please post away!

Anonymous said...
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