Cameron Wigmore, Green Party Member: Green Cat Goes West

September 20, 2007

Green Cat Goes West

My wife has decided to pursue her career in Theatre Arts Administration, and she's landed a job at the Port Theatre in Nanaimo B.C. This has happened very suddenly, although we've been preparing and planning an eventual move out of Drumheller for a few years now.

I'll be staying involved with the Green Party at the Provincial and Federal level. I have found it very rewarding to run as a candidate for the Green Party here in Crowfoot, serve as the Alberta Representative on the GPC Federal Council for the past year, and sit as CEO of the Crowfoot Green Party Association. All of these positions will be filled by other active volunteers, and I'm sure they'll find the experience as wonderful as I did.

I'm going to miss the crew at the Tyrrell Museum! What a great place to work. As a Gallery Interpreter & Security staff I was right in the thick of the tourist season there year after year. I had a lot of fun sharing information about palaeontology and the Drumheller Valley with many thousands of tourists. The staff there were the best co-workers a person could hope for! If anyone reading this has not been to the Tyrrell Museum, you really have to consider visiting soon. It's an amazing museum!

The Badlands Drug Coalition was a great way for me to get involved in the community. Thanks everyone for your goodbye emails! Do keep up the fantastic work to raise awareness about drugs, addiction & recovery in Drumheller and the surrounding areas. I'm sure you'll all be busy during the National Addictions Awareness Week coming up in November.

I'll likely be very busy gigging and teaching music once I'm settled on the West Coast. Regardless of how busy I'll be, I'm going to miss everyone in the Band-O-Coots very much! You've all been very good friends, and our shows over the years will be some of my best memories of my time in Drumheller. I never thought I'd be adding R&B and classic rock to my repertoire, but building the set lists with you all has been a super fun time! If anyone asks where the sax player is at your next show, tell them that 'those unreliable sax players just can't be trusted to show up to gigs!'

To everyone in Alberta, please continue to fight the good fight. Make use of your new Alberta Rep for the Green Party. Hold the provincial government accountable for their actions. Write letters to your local papers.


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