Cameron Wigmore, Green Party Member: Leadership Meltdown

December 14, 2007

Leadership Meltdown

See Chris Tindal's blog through the 'read more' link below on the decision by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the rest of parliament to:
- allow operation of a nuclear reactor with a lack of safety mechanisms
- override the independent federal government agency that regulates the use of nuclear energy and material
- ensure solid profits and stock value of Life Sciences firm MDS

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Cameron W said...

Using the 'Digg' application I posted this entry with a link to Mr Tindal's blog on this subject.

More about this:

Isotope fiasco sparks blame game (Canadian Press)

Isotope law to help MDS results

Much more at stake than medical isotopes

AECL arrogance caused medical isotope shortage

Green Party demands inquiry into AECL negligence


Cameron W said...

Atomic Energy boss quits over isotope fallout

More heads may roll as fallout grows from Chalk River reactor

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May called Burns' departure "extraordinary'' given Harper's previous targeting of the CNSC for blame.

She said it remains to be seen if Burns' departure amounts to an admission of AECL's "gross incompetence'' or whether he's simply "falling on his sword'' to save AECL further scrutiny.

Cameron W said...

Ex-AECL boss' firm landed $10M grant

Michael Burns, the B.C. businessman and backroom Conservative who recently resigned as chairman of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., is also chairman of a Vancouver wind power firm the federal government approved for up to $10 million in alternate energy funding while Mr. Burns was AECL chairman...

...Green party leader Elizabeth May said she was "astounded" by the number of Conservatives involved with the company, even though NaiKun is "well thought of" in the environmental community, in part because it has drawn the Haida nation in as a partner.

She also was surprised Mr. Harper did not recognize the conflict between Mr. Burns' roles when he approved his appointment as AECL chairman.

"The conflict is something I can't imagine didn't dawn on him," she said, saying the involvement of so many Conservatives in NaiKun may give the company an unfair advantage over smaller competitors for federal funding...

Anonymous said...


Green Party demands Lunn's resignation over political interference with regulator

OTTAWA - The Green Party of Canada today called for the resignation of Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn for his interference with and threats to the independent nuclear regulator.

“Minister Lunn’s threats to the chair of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Linda Keen, cross the line of appropriate political deference to an independent regulator. Such directives and threats weaken the credibility of nuclear safety in Canada,” said Green Party leader Elizabeth May.

Under the theory of Canadian parliamentary traditions and representative democracy, regulators operate at arms length from politicians. It is unprecedented in Canadian political life for politicians to demand certain decisions from regulators.

“I thought the Harper government had reached a new low with the unwarranted accusation that the Commission was somehow politically motivated in acting on safety concerns at Chalk River. But Minister's Lunn’s actions take the Harper government even lower,” said Natural Resources critic Andrew Lewis.

The Green Party has called for Lunn’s resignation and a full inquiry into the nuclear industry, its safety record and value for money in the billions of dollars the industry has received from Canadian taxpayers.