Cameron Wigmore, Green Party Member: Poll: Green Party Support on the Rise at 11%

January 10, 2007

Poll: Green Party Support on the Rise at 11%

I don't put a lot of stock in polls, but there seems to be a trend emerging.

Green Party Making Gains

"...The other noticeable trend is the continued growth in support for the Green Party (now at 11%, up 4 since Sept-October, and up 7 since June)..."

The second chart shows support for the Green Party in Alberta at 14%!

Green movement getting a blue chip hue
"...At the same time, a remarkable 7 per sent of corporate executives said they'd back the Green Party if an election were held right away..."

Decima Poll (<-- pdf)
Jan 3rd, '07 - Between Dec 27-30 Greens had 8% nationally.

The trend is that Green Party support has been rising steadily to levels never before seen outside of election time.

I think it's reasonable to expect the Green Party to receive 7 to 10% of the vote in the next election. At 7% that's about one million votes. There are a few ridings where a Green MP might be elected, and even in ridings where the Green Party is the long shot, voters are putting their support behind their Green candidates.

When Elizabeth May placed second in the recent London North Center by-election it showed that the Green Party is electable. Canadians see the Green Party as a real option for governing our country. I've heard a lot of people say it would do democracy some good to have a few Green MP's in parliament, giving representation to the hundreds of thousands of people who voted for the Green Party.

With a platform and policies that cover all issues it's hard not to see that the time for change is now. It's obvious that the way the old-line parties in government run the show isn't working, and if nothing changes... nothing changes.


Cameron W said...

angus reid noted the environics poll today.

wayward son said...

We are the verge of being in second in Alberta. Liberals 16%, Greens 14%!