Cameron Wigmore, Green Party Member: Green Party Leader Visits Airdrie

March 15, 2007

Green Party Leader Visits Airdrie

Party leader brings ‘green’ to city

Scott Mitchell
Echo Reporter
Wednesday March 14, 2007

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On Friday, Green Party leader Elizabeth May – along with Wild Rose Green Party candidate Sean Maw – was in Airdrie at Page and Turner’s Book Store for a book signing and to talk politics...

..."One wonders why we accept income tax when carbon taxes make so much more sense," she said. "Why do we tax the things we do want, like income and jobs? We should tax the thing we don’t want ... pollution and chemicals that cause cancer."
According to May, the way to avoid a carbon tax is simple.
"All you have to do is to figure out how to use less energy," she said. "Overall, the average Canadian will be better off."
Earlier in the day, May was in Cochrane, as the Green Party unveiled a $3 billion per year plan to create six municipal superfunds that will fund the reconstruction of crumbling municipal infrastructure.
The Green Party – popular with younger voters and women – has shown momentum in the polls recently and is now tied with the NDP for the first time in Decima polling, with 13 per cent nationally.

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