Cameron Wigmore, Green Party Member: GPC Training Sessions taking place

March 29, 2007

GPC Training Sessions taking place

Green Party training sessions are taking place across Canada. This post is about the one I've organized for Calgary on March 31st.

March 31st 2007 Green Party Training Session
Westwinds Superstore community room, Calgary, AB
3633 Westwinds Drive NE, near 64th Ave & 36th Street NE

On March 31st from 10am to 3pm a training session for candidates, EDA positions & volunteers is being held at the Westwinds Superstore community room in Calgary, Alberta. This is a free event, and all are welcome. Federal & Provincial members, volunteers and green curious are invited to join us!

The main purpose of this event will be to allow newcomers and those who have worked in previous campaigns to share their experience. By discussing the tools that we've found most useful we can empower new and prospective future candidates and EDA executives to run successful campaigns.

The other purpose of this event is to strengthen the Green community in Alberta. It is my hope that we'll be able to bring together many newer GPC members for this day of sharing and networking.

As the facilitator for this event I've prepared a format for each component for the day. By doing this I hope to guide the discussion and keep the day on track and productive. I am not a professional facilitator, but it's only through practice that I'll get better. I learned a great deal from the last training session in February and have built on that experience. Also, after printing materials for the last training session (yes, double sided and on 100% recycled paper;-) I've decided to limit paper use this time and instead I will also be handing out a CD full of information for candidates and EDAs.

RSVP not necessary. Contact me if you'd like more information.


Cameron Wigmore
Alberta Representative, Federal Council
Crowfoot Candidate, '06 & current
CEO, Crowfoot EDA

I'll post a more personal entry on how the event went when it's all done. The previous training session that I organized in February was a great hit and I expect this one to have a lot more people in attendance!


Mikey said...

Your Nuts!

Cameron W said...

If it's crazy to enjoy volunteering for the Green Party, then yes, I'm nuts.