Cameron Wigmore, Green Party Member: Alberta Green Party Training Session a Success!

April 2, 2007

Alberta Green Party Training Session a Success!

I am proud to announce that our candidate & electoral district association (EDA) training session was a huge success. We had great presentations, about 30 people attended, and we had many fantastic discussions while staying on schedule and adhering to the agenda. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to organize and facilitate both this training session and the first one held in February.

We chose a roundtable discussion format for the workshop and had a number of presentations throughout the day as well. The focus in the morning was on EDA’s
campaigning, and the afternoon focused on candidacy and messaging.

Mark M was up first to do a short presentation on
fundraising, with Stephen S speaking afterwards on different aspects of messaging.

George Read, Leader of the Green Party of Alberta and former Federal Green Party Campaign Manager, was one of our featured speakers. His afternoon presentation was very well received and I noticed people scrambling to write notes on his excellent suggestions for messaging & campaigning.

For this event I created a training CD with over 600 files and 650 MBs of data on anything and everything related to campaigning, candidacy, messaging and more. The files on the disc came from almost two years of collecting and researching the Green Party, ‘green’ related subjects (see our Key Values) and politics in general. I think the training disc will be very useful.

It looks like there will be enough interest to continue this training session as a monthly event. We had one person down from Edmonton who intends to reproduce our efforts there with a local training session for Edmonton & area. As more candidates step forward and are elected by their EDA’s, and as more EDA’s are formed and registered with Elections Canada, the interest in these training sessions will continue to increase.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this a productive and successful event!

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